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Success Story of Dorothy Mavuto


Dorothy Mavuto, aged 34, is a married woman with four children, two boys and two girls. She comes from Manunkhila village, Group Village Head Bwanamali of Traditional Authority Malenga in Ntchisi District. She is one of the lead farmers who were trained by Trustees of Agriculture Promotion Programme in sustainable agriculture technologies under SALFP project. Before being trained in sustainable agriculture technologies, Dorothy was experiencing low yield due to soil degradation because she was lacking knowledge in good farming technologies.

After attending sustainable agriculture training, she adopted some of the technologies such as manure making and application and conservation agriculture. She has since managed to save at least MK26000.00 which could have been used for weeding, ridging and buying fertilizer. This money was used for buying school uniforms for her children and paying school fees which was very expensive for her in the previous years.

Maize under Conservation Agriculture applied bocash manure

Maize under Conservation Agriculture applied bocash manure

Dorophy Mavuto showing 2 female goats benefited from TAPP

Dorophy Mavuto showing 2 female goats benefited from TAPP

Mrs Mavuto was also given two female goats from under pass on programme by TAPP. She says shortage of livestock dung will be a thing of the past because she will be able to make more manure this year and also she will get proteins and money after passing on two goats to second beneficiary.

She hopes this year will have more yield if the rains complete well and this will help her to have enough food for the whole year and she plan to increase the area with conservation agriculture, constructing more pit planting and make more manure. These technologies will help her to harvest more for the coming year.

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