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Success Story of Esnart Jafale

Esnart Jafale Sustanable Agriculture

Esnart Jafale aged 38  hails from Kafulutila  village in Mgwazamaya section, she has five  children and she is one of the lead farmers under Sustainable Agriculture Lead farmer Programme implemented by Trustees of Agriculture Promotion Programme which is funded by development fund of Norway.

Before lead farmer training Mrs Jafale was using fertilizer and was ploughing land when cultivating which was incurring a lot of money hence it was difficult to successfully accomplish field work since she was not financially stable. After being  identified as a lead farmer, she was trained on sustainable agriculture practices. She then started conservation agricultur of which she managed to mulch about 1.2 hectares and then planted maize  incorporated with legumes so as to enhance soil fertility. She also made manure and didn’t apply fertilizer and made contour ridges. Out of these sustainable agriculture  practices esnart jafale  benefitted the following:

  • She conserved soil by preventing erosion through the use of contour ridges
  • She saved money instead of buying fertilizer she applied manure and the money was been used for other things at home.
  • She saved labour instead of hiring labour for weeding she mulched which suppressed weeds
  • She enchancesd soil fertility by planting legumes such as terphosia vogelli(katupe) and nandolo
Picture shows the field of esnart jafale under C

Picture shows the field of Esnart Jafale under CA

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