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Success Story of Filida Lazalo


Filida Lazalo, 47 years old is another lead farmer who hails from Lavu village in Group Village Headman Lavu of Traditional Authority (TA) Chiwere in Dowa district. She is a mother of 7 children 2 boys and 5 girls. As Gladies’ case, she was also identified as a lead farmer in SALFP project by the village head man and the community members and she was trained in sustainable agriculture practice.

Soon after SALFP training she made 10 standard heaps of Bokash manure from animal dung and cured khola manure and applied to her 0.4ha maize field.

“I have realized that manure is better than inorganic fertilizers evidenced by the big maize cobs I am seeing in my field and I know that I will harvest bumper yields this year,” said Lazalo.

She added that the use of manure is the only remaining hope to reclaim the loss of soil fertility due to overdependence on chemical fertilizer.

Currently, she has 15 follower farmers; 7 females and 8 males who have adopted some of the SA technologies and are seriously practicing making and use of manure.

Filida Lazalo standing in her maize field applied with manure.

Filida Lazalo standing in her maize field applied with manure.

“Sustainable agriculture is really working as you can see crop stand is good hence I have realized that it is cheaper, time saving and environmental friendly. This year I am anticipating producing more food than previous years”. She narrated.

She concluded by saying that hardworking is the only way to a better life.

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