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Success Story of Katakwala Moyo


Katakwala Moyo comes from Pondapo Village of Group Village Head Ndembo in T/A Mkukula, Dowa District. Katakwala Moyo is one of the hard working farmers that hail from Chibvala EPA. He is 46 years old and blessed with seven children. He has been an active farmer since 1997. Ever since, he had been practising agro-forestry.

I had been planting trees using my local knowledge for some time. At first, I did not realise that I can make a lot of money from agro-forestry tree seedlings until I become one of TAPP’s lead farmers,” Moyo narrated his story.

Katakwala was identified by members from his village to be their lead farmer in 2011. He was trained as a lead farmer in the same year under the Malawi-Zambia (MAZA) programme. “With my background in tree planting, I was more interested in Agro-forestry course. I learnt a lot of techniques as to how best I can have high quality seedlings from the training, said Moyo. “Apart from teaching my follower farmers on Agro-forestry, I decided to venture into tree planting business,” he added.

In 2012 he planted a tree nursery of about 20, 000 seedlings. He took good care of the seedlings that he managed to sell 10, 000 seedlings at MK25/seedling making MK250, 000. He used the money to buy 25 iron sheets and moulded 10, 000 bricks to construct a modern house. Apart from making money for his household, Moyo shared 5, 000 plus agro-forestry tree seedlings among his 21 follower farmers.

 Katakwala Moyo attending to his seedlings Katakwala Moyo and Wife outside their house
Katakwala Moyo attending to his seedlings Katakwala Moyo and Wife outside their house built using proceeds from selling agro-forestry tree seedlings

His advice to his fellow lead farmers is that they should not take anything for granted, if they put some seriousness in what the project is promoting, like manure making, they can also change the path of their livelihoods.    Read More Stories

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