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Success Story of Mr and Mrs kaliyati


Mr. Gavern Kaliyati and his wife Elesina.

Mr. Gavern Kaliyati and his wife Elesina.

Mr  Gavern and Mrs Elesina Kaliyati come from Makombe village, Traditional Authority Mkukula in Dowa district. They have 5 children, the eldest being 33 years old, while the youngest is aged 22. Previously Mr. Kaliyati used to do piece works at different companies but when he saw that this was not working out, in 1986 he decided to go back home where he became a full time farmer.

1n 2014 he joined a TAPP club in his village and was selected to be one of the beneficiaries to receive fingerings from TAPP since he already had a fish pond. In February 2015, he, together with other beneficiaries went for training in pond management and after one week he was given 192 fingerings. They were also given 2 goats and 5 ducks and were told use the dung to fertilise their fish pond.

He is seeing the benefits of joining clubs because it is through the clubs that he was able to get connected with TAPP. “This is my first time to benefit from an organization that gives out animals for free” said Mr Kaliyati. TAPP has really improved our living standards, we know our financial problems will come to an end, and we are willing to teach other people who want to know how fish farming is done” added his wife.

They are planning to cross breed their goats with a hybrid one to improve their breeds. They have also adopted pit planting technology and they know manure will not be a problem anymore to them. They ask TAPP to continue giving them technical support.

Mr and Mrs Kaliyati in front of their goat khola. On the other picture Kaliyati feeding his ducks

Mr. Kaliyati feeding his ducks

Mrs. Kaliyati at their fish pond

Mrs. Kaliyati at their fish pond

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