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Success Story of Mr and Mrs Rabson


Mrs. Gladys Rabson and her husband

Mrs. Gladys Rabson and her husband

Mrs  Gladys Rabson comes from Lundu village, Group Village Headman Sadalaki, Traditional Authority Mkukula, in Dowa district. She is 47 years old and has 6 children. In 2014, her step son, Aaron Mwachipisa, who is the lead farmer from their village went for a lead farmer training and came back with different technologies that TAPP is promoting. She then decided to join this club not because it was being led by her son, but because she wanted to try what he was saying.  Together with other people from their club, they made pit manure and a demonstration plot. Then they applied the manure in the small pits that were made in the plot. The plot was also mulched with maize stalks from the previous season

“This was a new thing to me, so I decided to try it in my own field”, she says. Together with her husband they divided their piece of land into two parts, made pits on one part and applied manure, and on the other part they mulched it with maize stalks, and planted their maize last year. They also planted Nsangu and Keisha trees in both parts.

mrs rabson

She has already started seeing the benefits now.

“ The maize which was planted in pits grew so fast and strong, and in early February we had no rains for three weeks but my crops survived so well”, she says. She also explained that she did not experience much weeds in that part of the field  which she mulched with maize stalks, and that she only uprooted the weeds using hands because they were not all that strong. “We have really saved our time, money and energy that we spend each year weeding, we will never stop doing this”, she said.

They plan to make pits and do mulching on both lands next season because they know their yields will improve this year by just looking at their vigorous maize stalks. Their club is expected to receive pigs from TAPP very soon and she is looking forward to making manure from pig dung.

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