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Success Story of Mr. Piano

Success story of Mr. Piano

Born in 1932, Mr. Piano Gideon is married with 3 children (1 male and 2 female). He was trained as a lead farmer (LF) in 2010. To date, he has 25 follower farmer, 7 male and 18 females.

In the first year of project implementation, Mr. Piano dug 100 pits and laid maize stovers on two equal areas, 100m2 (10m x 10m). 2300 pits has been dug on 1acre (0.44ha) and maize stovers being laid in 1 acre (0.44ha) in preparation for this growing season.

In addition to this two technologies, pit planting and total cover, Mr Piano also practices agroforestry (Gliricidia sepium and Tephrosia vugellie), compost manure making and application (Bokash, pit manure, liquid manure and pellet manure).

During the last growing season Mr. Piano grew a range of different crops that include; ground yams, air yams, livingstone potatoe, soyabeans, common beans, butter beans, finger millet and maize.

Livestock Pass On (Thambwe club)

Mr. Piano as a member of Thambwe club in 2009 received 2 goats on a pass on programme. In the year 2011 he passed on 2 female goats to a fellow member of the club, Liness James. Today he has about 6 goats, 3 male and 3 female goats.

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