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Success Story of Samalani M’bena


Samalani M’bena comes from Kamchacha village of group village headman Nyongo in Dowa district. He is 58 years old and blessed with 1 son and 5 daughters. M’bena is one of the hardworking beneficiaries of Malawi-Zambia (MAZA) project.

In 2012, M’bena became a member of Nyongo piggery club, formed in response to (MAZA) project implemented by TAPP with the funding from Development Fund of Norway. When the pigs multiplied, the group shared the pigs among themselves that each member received 3 pigs (1 male and 2 female) on pass on programme.

M’bena took good care of the pigs that they multiplied to 11 pigs (4 Males and 7 females). He passed on 3 pigs (1 Male and 2 female) to Montiford Gama in the same village. He sold three pigs at MK55, 000.00, MK 42, 000.00 and MK37, 000.00 making a total of MK134 000. He used the money to buy a fridge for soft drink business and the remaining amount was used to purchase feed for the remaining pigs. 

Mr M'bena in his Shop
Mr. M’bena in his shop.

M’bena is very grateful for Development Fund of Norway interventions in his area. His message to fellow farmers is to put some seriousness in whatever the project is promoting if they want to see positive results.

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