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Success Story of Chrissy Mazengera

Success Story-Chrissy Mazengera

Chrissy aged 49, is a happily married lead farmer with 4 children (1 male and 3 female). Chrissy was trained as a lead farmer in 2012. In her first year after training, Chrissy practiced conservation agriculture (CA) on a 0.25 acre, and on her next growing season, 2013 she had 0.5 acre. This year she plans to cultivate on one acre plot (0.5 being demo and 0.5 being in the main field).

During the last growing season Chrissy grew the following crops; ground yams, air yams, Livingstone potato, soya beans, common beans, butter beans, finger millet, brush millet, sorghum, and maize.

In addition to CA, Chrissy makes different types of manure which she uses in her garden.

Pig enterprise

Chrissy is also a beneficiary of a pig pass on programme which in underway in her area. She received 3 pigs in December 2012. Currently she has 3 pigs (1 boar and 2 sows) and 11 piglets.

Other members who received pigs are GVH Nyongo who now has 9 pigs (5 boar and 4 sows), Kamchacha received 2 pigs from the pass-on and now has (1 boar, 4 sows). Kamchacha passed to Montifoti Gama 5 (1 boar and 4 sow). Now he runs a retail shop and has a fridge after selling 2 pigs.

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