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TAPP commends lead farmers in Ntchisi

Lead farmer receiving a bicycle during the function

Lead farmer receiving a bicycle during the function

Trustees of Agricultural Promotion Program (TAPP) have commended lead farmers in Ntchisi for passing the skills they learn from agricultural organizations to other follower farmers making their communities acquire sustainable agriculture practices hence improving their agricultural production.

Speaking during a field day in Ntchisi on Thursday, TAPP’s Board Chairperson Dr. Wilfred Lipita said the lead farmers in the district were very instrumental in spreading the agricultural skills to other farmers and the communities at large by among others exhibiting the skills in their farms.

He said as TAPP was aimed at improving agricultural production and to ensure that farmers live a better life, the only way to reach to a larger community was to use lead farmers.

We thank the lead farmers for working with our extension workers in promoting better agricultural practices in the district. This will make the communities to emulate the modern practices encouraged in sustainable agriculture, said Dr Lipita.

In her speech, Ntchisi District Agriculture Development Officer, Hycinth Jere, commended TAPP for supporting the lead farmers in the district, with capacity building skills and materials.

Fish pond in Ntchisi, under SALFP project

Fish pond in Ntchisi, under SALFP project

Jere said with the shortage of agriculture extension workers, the lead farmers were filling the gaps by taking the messages to their areas.

What we have witnessed today is a clear testimony that lead farmers are doing a better job of passing the skills to other farmers in their areas. The area has better crops with modern agriculture practices which is very encouraging, she said.

TAPP in Ntchisi is working with farmers in Extension Planning Areas (EPA) of Chipuka and Kanjiwa and on field day it gave out bicycles to over twenty lead farmers in the two EPAs. The organisation supports the farmers with funding from the Development Fund of Norway.

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