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Trustees of Agricultural Promotion Programme - TAPP

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The TAPP Secretariat is managed by an Executive Director, a Programme Coordinator, an Administrative Officer and an Accountant.

At Field Level the Organisation works through the EPA (Extension Planning Area) staff in collaboration with TAPP officers as well as other ministries and NGOs working in the site.

Our Competency and Capability

With a diversity of skills and expertise, TAPP strives to use a holistic approach when addressing client’s needs through working with  a multidisciplinary team in addressing all tasks in a professional and timely manner.

The teams which TAPP has are well-balanced with strong skills which mix in conducting baseline studies, mid and end of programme evaluations, value chain analysis, enterprise development, development planning, and socio-economic analysis as well as incorporating cross-cutting issues such as gender, HIV/AIDs, youth and the environment.

TAPP staff consists of people with wide experience who together make a team that is able to give an efficient, excellent and timely delivery of its services. At TAPP we believe in excellence and results.

Operational Products/Services

Through the fourteen years in business Trustees of Agricultural Promotion Programme has evolved and grown to be a leading Local Non-Governmental Organisation in the delivery of the services listed below. These services remain to be key strengths areas over which TAPP can and would work competently taken into consideration of the endowed human, financial and operational capacity .

At TAPP we have four thematic areas and have expertise to execute its services in the same.

The following are the areas:

1. Extension Service Provision

  • Training in animal crop husbandry, business/entrepreneurship skills and Resource Mobilisation plans.
  • Facilitate raising of livestock and pass-on.
  • Livestock/ crop integrated development/outreach projects.

2. Asset Transfer for improved well-being of farmers

  • Facilitate raising of livestock and pass-on

3. Value Chain Development and Value Addition in Agricultural Enterprises

  • Promoting value addition of livestock products
  • Provide infrastructure for livestock products value addition.
  • Conduct research in livestock marketing and feed technologies.
  • Linkages animal health service providers to farmers
  • Promote processing of cassava into cassava into starch and flour
  • Promote preservation of cassava
  • Promote marketing of cassava products

4. Consultancies

  • Training in business start-ups and development entrepreneurship Resource Mobilisation plans; Proposal Development; Project Management; Monitoring and Evaluation (Core).
  • Consultancies in livestock and crop projects, agribusiness/entrepreneurship skills and other commissioned work for income generation.
  • Conducting feasibility studies and development of business plans in livestock, crops and other agricultural enterprises.